Why I Chose DSLR…And Tips on Choosing the Right Camera For Your Video

Making the Hard Decision...Which Camera to Buy I purchased the Nikon D500, after spending the last nine months researching. Since my last camera purchase, I've realized I'm mostly shooting video. And yet, I still need to shoot stills. (Yeah, I should probably...

More Trail Notes

If you’ve ever visited a mountain hut, you’d have noticed a ratty log book with doodles and notes from the travelers passing through. Every video project is an experience. This isn’t a factory. And this is my journal from that journey. Sort of word doodles on spiral bound pixel paper. Enjoy!

People Don’t Read Video

My solo career started with a creative difference with a creative director. No, I wasn’t fired. We’d just been working for months on a corporate video and I felt quite strongly that the silent spaces afforded by text-only testimonials helped give the overall story room to breath, and resonate.

Inspiration of the Week:

Each week you'll find me looking at the work of someone who's been a recent inspiration. With a new project on my desk, my attention turned this week to Manija Emrans, the designer behind many of the award-winning titles. In particular, her work on We Are The Giant....