Let's Make a Video

The Video Creative Process

The three phases of creating video: Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Want to make a great video? Then skip any phase at your own peril. Of course, depending on the type of video you want to make, client time will vary, with pre-production often being the most time consuming. No one said this was easy. Still interested? Then let’s get started.


This phase involves everything from developing a creative brief, to scripting, to arranging crew, scouting locations, crafting storyboards, assembling animatics, and making sure all the dots are dotted and t’s crossed. Here stories are made or broken. Tread softly.


Production is action. And action means fun. Whether on location shooting video, or in the studio making things move, this is when the project starts to take shape. It’s also the phase where there’s the most variation in time between live action and animation.


Post production takes everything created in production and assembles the shots into an edit. Depending on factors like visual effects, animation complexity, approvals, post takes a few days or several months. At Mountain Hut Media, post is where the idea is perfected.